ZENITH LAB LC-06F Low speed refrigerated Centrifuge




◆Using brushless DC click, high-performance refrigeration system
◆LCD display speed, centrifuge and running time, setting and actual value double display
◆The whole machine is controlled by microcomputer, fault alarm, etc. are fully automated
◆Speed and relative centrifugal force can be freely selected
◆Setting parameters can be changed at any time during operation
◆There are multiple configurations, can be automatically balanced, and the centrifugal chamber temperature control accuracy is high
◆Touch button control, with safety switch and electromagnetic door lock
◆Error code display, adjustable speed digital display, real-time display of running status
◆Widely used in hospitals, radioimmunoassays, biochemistry, agriculture, animal husbandry sciences, pharmacology and other scientific research institutions, it is an ideal equipment for separating solutions

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