To setup a office in Europe is high cost , you need to pay for office, and pay high salary , that's out of the ability of most factories. But without after-sales service , without logistic center locally, we can not setup trust between our customer and us easily. Our target is to help medical device factories outside of Europe setup a shared European office, use acceptable cost to satisfy our customer.

We may can help you: 

After sales service:

1- Repair defective medical device.

2- Spare parts center.

3- Receive and  confirm the defective products. 

4- Product training center.


Sales support:

1- United Warehouse

Normally after a factory in China receive order from European customer, you need 20 days for produce->5 days for wait for ship--> 35 days for ship by sea-->7 days for customer clearance--> 5 days ship from sea port to final customer.

Totally crazy 72 days!

We may can help you keep stock for your products in Netherlands, and ship immediately when get Europe customer order, to speed up your sales. 


2-United Showroom

Cost just about 100~300 Euro/month for each of your products, you can setup a shared show room for your products, our professional medical products engineer and sales people will help you introduce your products to customer.

So that Europe customer can easily see your products quality, setup trust easily.



EU medical device regulation support:

MDR European Authorized Representative

With good understanding of European MDR , we provide European Authorized Representative service for medical device manufactures out site of European Union ; Help them register manufacture SRN; Apply Europe Free Sales certificate.


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