Taijia NIBP Cuff




Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) Cuffs are applied in the measurement of Noninvasive blood pressure with air hoses or adapter tubes which are available for neonate, pediatric and adult and compatible with most patient monitors & sphygmomanometers of international brands.

Reusable NIBP Cuff

Size Range Taijia Code Description
Neonate arm size, Range 6 to 11cm TJ-NIBP003-06  Single Hose/ Double Hose

Reusable NIBP cuffs with bladder/ no bladder

reusable nibp cuff8.jpg

Infant arm size, Range 10 to 19cm


Pediatric arm size, Range 18 to 26cm


Adult arm size, Range 25 to 35cm


Large adult arm size, Range 33 to 47cm


Adult thigh size, Range 46 to 66cm


Disposable NIBP Cuff

Size Range Taijia Code Description
Neonate1# Range 3 to 6cm TJ-NIBP004-01

Single Hose/ Double Hose

disposable NIBP Cuff.jpg

Neonate2# Range 4 to 8cm TJ-NIBP004-02
Neonate3# Range 6 to 11cm TJ-NIBP004-03
Neonate4# Range 7 to 13cm TJ-NIBP004-04
Neonate5# Range 8 to 15cm TJ-NIBP004-05
Neonate arm size Range 9 to 14.8cm TJ-NIBP004-06
Pediatric arm size Range 13.8 to 21.5cm TJ-NIBP004-07
Small adult arm Range 20.5 to 28.5cm TJ-NIBP004-08
Adult arm size Range 27.5 to 36.5cm TJ-NIBP004-09
Large adult arm size Range 35.5 to 46cm TJ-NIBP004-10
Adult thigh size Range 46 to 66cm TJ-NIBP004-11


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