Reetoo RT-V800 Feces Analyzer




·  Automatic analysis of fecal material and chemical composition

·  Patented invention sample processing cup to ensure quantitative acquisition of supportive mucus and loose stool samples

·  High-definition color sensor and algorithm automatically                 recognize the color and traits of feces

·  Seal the specimens throughout the entire process to prevent the  development of odors 

·  Automatically switch between 10x and 40x high-definition objective lenses, automatically identify parasite eggs and various

Formed elements

·  The artificial intelligence DeepCell engine, the recognition accuracy of formed elements is higher than 80%

·  Accurate analysis of fecal occult blood, adenovirus and rotavirus based on immunochromatographic technology and other items

·  The analysis speed of fecal formed components is 80test/h, and the speed of chemical immunoassay is 30test/h

·  One-time microfluidic detection chip to prevent cross-contamination

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