Reetoo RT-i1000 Chromosome Micrography Scanning System




·  Fully automatic whole slide scanning and karyotype  analysis, eamless connection of karyotype analysis

·  Fully intelligent segmentation of chromosome arrangement, the accuracy rate is greater than 90%

·  Intelligent recognition of various cell karyotypes based on  DeepCell engine 

·  Automatically segment crisscross, cohesion and overlapping  chromosomes to identify abnormal shapeschromosome

·  Support chromosomes to perform operations such as inversion, rotation, straightening and color smear recognition

·  High-quality optical imaging system, realizing automatic XY-axis scanning and automatic Z-axis focusing

·  Electric switching between 10x objective lens and 100x oil lens

·  Automatically add high-quality lens oil, no need to manually wipe the oil lens lens

·  Large-capacity sample card warehouse, which can hold 120 samples for testing at the same time   

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