Prunus Veter 1000 Veterinary Anesthesia machine




Veter 1000
Ultra-compact design for ultimate experience
Compact yet powerful

As a pioneering innovation, Veter1000 is released to start a new chapter in animal anesthesia. High quality components and state-of-the-art technology make it a new reliable veterinary flagship model. Extra compact design together with powerful features will brighten up your eyes.

Ultra-compact design
With its ultra compact design( L*W*H: 40*55*40cm, Weight:15.3Kg ), Veter 1000 highly saves space in operating room.
Brand new operating experience
5.7 inch color screen for easy operation.
Display: P-T, F-T waveform, 10 parameters monitoring.

Broader range of applications
Animals weight: 0-70Kg.
Support mask and intubation ventilation.
Support both pressure and volume ventilation modes.


Ultimate Battery Life
Installed with a fully charged battery, the Veter1000 can work up to 15 hours without external power supports, making it extremely meet the challenges of different application scenarios.

Rigorous component selection
MSS high-precision vaporizer
SENSIRION flow sensor
...The world's most reliable components are selected to create reliable veterinary anesthesia solutions.

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