Prunus Boaray 10A Medical air compressor




Boaray 10A
High reliability for pioneering performance
Medical air compressor beyond your expectation

With superior performance, Boaray 10A air compressor  has become the first choice for many famous ventilator manufacturers to choose the backup medical compressed air source. It will bring you performance beyond expectation.

Intuition fulfills your needs
- LCD display with output pressure, temperature, working hours, and indicator for alarm, power,etc.
- Sound and visual alarms.
- Noise less than 50dB, the lowest noise air compressor.
- Optional casters with brakes.

Reliability beyond your imagination
- Two cooling systems and automatic de-watering design, safeguarding the safe operation of the ventilator mainframe.
- Integrated oil-free pump from the top supplier.
- Up to 10,000 hours continuous running time.
- Continuous output flow: 35L/min

Boaray 10A Medical Air Compressor

Low noise high performance medical air compressor


  • Work more than 1000 hours continuously

  • LCD display, audible and visual alarms

  • 5um fillter, solenoid valve for auto-dewatering

  • Thermoelectric cooler

Plus d’information
Product Name Boaray 10A Medical Air Compressor
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Ergonomie Mobile transportable
Options Avec compresseur d'air
Type de Patient Adulte, Pédiatrique & Néonatale

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