Medcaptain Vein Finder Navi60




Vein Finder Navi60 by Medcaptain

Vein Finder Navi60 by Medcaptain – Providing a real time accurate image of the surface of the skin, helping medical professionals verify the status of veins and reducing the risk of venipuncture. 

With the help of Navi-60, healthcare professionals may gain the benefit of reduce costs, improvement of infection control and improvement of patient safety & satisfaction.

  • Real time image displayed on the skin
  • Portable & can be used with a battery
  • Lightweight – suitable for use without a mobile or fixed mount
  • Detect veins on the hand, face & feet.
  • Can be used with mobile or fixed mount for hands free operation.

Vein Finder Navi60 by Medcaptain is…

  • Portable – Hand held type Vein Illuminator, easy to carry, non-contact to patient.
  • Colourful – Great image with 5 different colours as optional for different skin types.
  • A Depth Indicator – The depth of the vein with be detected and show on the side.

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