Medcaptain MP-60 Infusion Pump





Supports all infusion sets in compliance with international standards. Automatic infusion accuracy adjustment. Multiple infusion modes. With infusion workstation you can operate in cascade connection infusion. Wi-fi data transmission functions with Infusion Central Monitoring System (ICMS). Multiple Powers: AC Power Supply, DC Power Supply, and built in battery.


With a 2.4” LCD colour touchscreen the MP – 60 has an intuitive four icon menu which enables the system to be set up quickly with the minimum number of steps. At a glance view enables the screen to be magnified for improved visibility from a distance as well as adjustable screen brightness and selectable background colour.

Drug Library

A comprehensive pre – installed drug library is supplied with the MP –60 for ease of programming and a faster set up when compared to manual configuration.

Compact & Lightweight

The MP – 60 weighs 1.2kg including battery and is supplied with a detachable carry handle, making for efficient transportation around the treatment setting. An optional docking station enables the MP – 60 to be transformed into a stackable, multi volumetric pump system and can be used in-conjunction with the MP – 30 syringe pump.

Features & Functions:

  • Accurate infusion
  • Reliable and safe
  • Easy to Use
  • Motorized Door Mechanism
  • Wifi Networking
  • Motorized Anti-free Flow Mechanism
  • Voice Communication
  • Night Mode
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Automatic Maintenance Reminder
  • Multiple Infusion Modes
  • Dual-CPU Design
  • Anti-Bolus

Smart and Easy to Use.

  • Over 10 patents.
  • Innovative touchscreen with multiple background colours for selection.
  • Plug-in and modular design: 3 to 15 pumps can be combined optionally to meet various clinical needs.
  • Multiple infusion modes.
  • Safe and accurate infusion.
  • Dose error reduction system.
  • Double CPU Design, two way independent sound-light alarm.
  • Automatic pump door.
  • Automatic anti-free-flow system.
  • Total squeezing peristaltic system pump

Power Supply: AC 100-240V

Built-in battery (5 hours for continuous working)

Infusion Modes: Rate Mode, Time Mode, Weight Mode, Loading Dose Mode, Trapezia Mode, Sequence

Mode, Micro Mode, Relay Mode, Drip Mode

Occlusion level and range

Three levels are supported

The pressure range is 225mmHg - 975mmHg

Infusion accuracy: ±5%

Infusion speed range: 0.1-1200.0mL/h, with the minimum increment of 0.01 mL/h

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