Medcaptain HP-80 MRI Infusion Workstation




Infinite Care in Critical moments

HP-80 MRI Infusion Workstation

Integrated Solution for safe and continuous infusion administration in MRI environments

Safely administering infusion
therapy in MRI environments

HP-80 MRI protects the HP pumps against the very strong permanent magnetic field up to 20 mT.

HP-80 MRI protects the imaging process against disturbances caused by the infusion/syringe pumps (here infusion pumps).

Compatible with HP PRO series pumps:

HP-30 PRO, HP-60 PRO, HP TCI PRO, HP-30 Neo, syringe and infusion pumps can be freely combined based on clinical requirements up to 4 pumps:

Parallel patient preparation improves utilization ratio.
Support HP-80 station's function.
Reliable high-precision drug delivery.
Anesthetist reaps the benefits of using familiar equipment.

Designed for the MRI

HP-80 MRI infusion workstation enables continuous infusion of critical medications during MRI procedures, thereby reducing the delay in MRI diagnosis or administration of medications in critical situations.

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