Medcaptain HP-60 Infusion Pump




HP-60 Infusion Pump

The HP-60Series Infusion Pumps provide a one-step IV set loading technique. It instinctively recognizes the pipeline condition, enabling the insertion pipe installing process to secure and fitting. A large dosage after blockage liberation has beenevidently decreased. The most secure alternative for your patient is 0.2ml utmost. It also allows numerous treatments to be integrated into a single pump.
The precision of HP-60 can be lower than 3% while using a Medcaptain label silicon IV package. Underneath greater insertion levels, the IV kit’s longevitycansurpass 96 hours.

MedCaptain HP60 Infusion Pump

  • Unique 3”LCD touch-screen design.
  • Intuitive operation.
  • Various Infusion modes.
  • 1000 pre-loaded drugs.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • HP80 Docking Station.

HP-60 Infusion Pump

  • Great accuracy to the last drop
  • Anti-bolus system
  • Self-adapting peristaltic system
  • Automatically identifies the tube status
  • Medical grade touch screen
  • User friendly
  • High sensitive pressure sensor for a real-time pressure display
  • Automatic adjustment for each IV set
  • Different therapies can be applied in one pump
  • Ideal for Blood transfusion, TPN/Enteral nutrition, Oncology therapy
  • Makes infusion tube installation safe and convenient

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