Kellymed Veterinary Equipment Infusion Pump KL-8071A With Vet Portable Infusion Warmer





1.Compact, portable

2.Work principle: curvilinear peristalitic

3.Two hang ways for your option: pole clamp and cage fixing clip, to be used in different condition as your requirement

4.Here is a port on pump KL-8071A, can connect fluid warmer, temperature can be controlled from pump accurately, 30~40℃ adjustable. Length of fluid warmer is 80cm, it can effectively heat IV set.

5.Its special peristaltic finger structure is different from normal infusion pump, can avoid iv set out of its route, more safe and more suitable for vet use in harsh condition

6. Anti-free-flow function to make infusion safer.

7. Real-time display of infused volume / bolus rate / bolus volume / KVO rate.

8. Visible on-screen 9 alarms.

9. Change flow rate without stopping the pump.

10.Lithium battery, wide voltage from 110-240V

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