Kellymed KL-5041N Enteral Feeding Pump





1.Pump’s  principle of technique:  Rotary with automatic flush function, match Kangroo consumables


-.choice of 6 feeding mode according to clinica needs;

-.Usable in the hospital by heathcare professional or by patients at home

3. Efficient:

-.Reset parameters setting function allows nurses to have more effective use of their time

-.30 days traceability records for check at any time

4. Simple:

-.Large touch screen, easy to operate

-.Intuitive design makes it straightforward for users to operate the pump

-.Complete information on the screen to follow the status of the pump at a glance

-.Easy Maintenance

5. Advanced features can help users reduce risk of human errors

6.We can supply one-stop solution for enteral nutriton,  match Kangroo consumables

7.Multi-language is available

8.Special fluid warmer design:

temperature is 30℃~40℃ adjustable,  can effectively reduce diarrhea

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