Infusion Central Management System SUNFUSION FS3 Plus (FS3-Intelligent)




Performance Advantage

User-friendly Design
*Modular design, Smart and lightweight for transferring
*Only one power cable is required for charging and powering all pumps in the dock station
*2-12 pumps can be combined freely.

Multiple channel-Simplified and flexible
*Stackable and stacked track design, easy to stack pumps without any tools, greatly save space
*Lock the pump automatically to prevent loosening and unlock the pump easily
*Stacked track design, Still keep infusion by pulled out the pump when patient leave beds

Information Management-Optimize the Infusion Process
*Connect with HIS vis WIFI or LAN, Date transmission highly efficient and precise.
*Automatic calculation, convenient to revels pump working status and alert records
*Intelligent and safe medicinemanagenment easy to choose injected medicine.
*Night mode make much comfortable ward.

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