First Bioscience Inc PYROSEQ-E16 Pyrosequencer




Pyrophosphatic acid sequence technology

Pyrosequencing is a real-time DNA sequencing technology based on single-strand extension and enzyme cascade reaction, which is suitable for DNA SNP typing, insertion/deletion, position mutation detection and DNA methylation quantitative detection. It can be widely used in clinical and scientific research projects related to pharmacogenomics, microbial identification and DNA methylation detection.


  • High-sensitivity genetic variation detection
  • Golden standard for DNA methylation quantitative detection
  • High-resolution microbial identification and drug resistance typing                     


  • Accurate result: Sequencingis the most accurate internationally recognized platform.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Single nucleotide polymorphsim, insertion/missing, repetitive sequence, microbial identificationand m
  • Simple operation: Only conventionalmolecular biology test skill such as centrifugation and drop in etc.
  • Timely report: No DNA extractionfor serum sample, getting result after 3.5h, receiving report at the same day.


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