First Bioscience Inc Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Detection System




Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Detection System

The device is small, portable, capable of rapid testing and realizes POCT for genetic testing by using fluorescence quantitative PCR technology. It can be used for detecting COVID-19 nucleic acid, miRNA Myocardial infarction markers, pets pathogen in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), Hospitals, customs, pet markets and other places.


  • The detection principle is mature: QPCR is consistent with the common PCR principle and follows the polymerase chain reaction principle.
  • Compactdevice and flexible application: FIRST qPCR instrument does not need to be additionally equipped with computers. Besides that, it is smaller, half the size of the common qPCR instrument, lighter, more convenient to carry, and has a more flexible application scenario.
  • Quick and accuratedetection: The device is equipped with an ultra-low photosensitive CMOS fluorescence imager and 16 detection sample wells to achieve multi-wavelength, 4-channel, and fast data acquisition, which not only improves portability, but also ensures accuracy and detection efficiency.
  • Easy to use:Considering the ease of use for inspectors, the inspection software is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing quick setup and data display results.

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