Edan SE-3 Portable Medical ECG Edan 3 Channel ECG Machine




Edan SE-3 Portable Medical ECG EKG 3 Channel Machine
* Foldable LCD screen with waveform display and parameters configurable
* High-resolution thermal printer
* Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, AC/DC power supply
* Well designed membrane keyboard
* Muti-languages selectable
* Data transportation to PC via RS232/Ethernet port
* USB Interface for patient data transportation
* Compatible with the external printer for 12 leads simultaneous printing
* Complete digital filtering, avoiding baseline drift, AC, EMG interference
* Automatic baseline adjustment to optimize printing position
* Copy mode for additional copies of the latest auto-tested ECG
* Lead-Off detection and alert
* Selectable report formats: auto, manual, rhythm, and HRV analysis
* Interpretation tested with authoritative CSE database (option)

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