EDAN SE-601A SE-601B SE-601C 6-channel diagnosis ECG Machine




Edan SE-601 6-Channel ECG Machine:

Edan SE-601 Series 6-Channel ECG Machine offers an advanced performance and high reliability, proving its cost-effectiveness by providing a dependable service. It facilitates cardiogram review and output choices for adult and paediatric patients in hospital setting, during home visits or in emergency cases. This lightweight weight unit with ergonomic style goes where you go.

Excellent Features: SE-601 Series 6-Channel ECG Machine is assembled with a full alphanumeric keyboard that has quick keys for one-touch operation. A easy interface offers a convenient operation of system setup and file management. The unit provides a touch data of lead off, lack of paper and low battery capability etc. The Weak signal detection perform and Anti-noise technology guarantee sensitive signal acquisition for a extremely dependable machine performance. This SE-601 Series electrocardiograph provides clinically correct automatic activity and interpretation of data and realizes it’s automatic analysis with gender and age specifics.



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