ECGMac EM-1201A Twelve-channel ECG




Product Features

Simple and convenient operation, User friendly design, to bring more comfortable operating experience to medical staff

  • Large Foldable LCD Display, clear and intuitive

    10 inch TFT color display with 800×480 resolution, Background with grid, 12 leads ECG can be displayed on the same screen

  • Built-in Lithium Battery, Large Storage Capacity

    Built-in rechargeable lithium high capacity battery, Local internal memory up to 1000 ECGs

  • Ergonomic Design

    Full alphanumeric keyboard with shortcut keys, efficient in operation, Portable handle, easy to carry

  • Support both Roll and Z-fold paper

    Built-in high resolution thermal printer, support roll and Z-fold paper, A4 printouts on internal or external printer*

Technical Specitication

  • Sampling rate: 32000sps/channel, A/D Converter: 24bits
  • Frequency response: 0.01 Hz~350 Hz
  • CMRR: ≥110 dB(AC Filter off), ≥120 dB(AC Filter on)
  • DC offset voltage: >±980mV
  • Input impedance: ≥100MΩ 

Software Features

  • Simultaneous 12 leads ECG acquisition and display
  • Automatic ECG measurements and interpretation 
  • Supports pacemaker detection
  • Comprehensive file management system to query, delete and edit patient data
  • Supports auto, manual and rhythm mode
  • Supports triggered sample mode to start recording once arrhythmia are detected

Seamless Connectivity

  • Multiple format reports export, such as PDF, JPG, BMP ,XML, SCP*, DICOM, FDA-XML*
  • Data access with HIS/ PACS/ EMR system based on FTP* / DICOM* standard protocol
  • Patient information can be retrieved from the worklist*

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