Disposable trocar




The Disposable trocar is mainly composed of a trocar cannula assembly and a puncture rod assembly. The trocar cannula assembly consists of upper shell, valve body, valve core, choke valve and lower casing. The puncture rod assembly is mainly composed of puncture cap, button puncture tube and piercing head.

It is sterilized by ethylene oxide. It direct contace with human body for no more than 60minutes.


Scope of application:

Applicable to the establishment of microports for introduction of endoscopes and laparoscopic



Product features:

1. Visible puncture design, with transparent puncture rob tip,camera can be placed in puncture to prevent accidental tissue injury.

2. The design of double valves,makes good air tightness and no need for converter during operation.

3. The cannula and sealing caps are separable,which allows the easy removal of tissue during operation

4. The ergonomic grip design makes the comfortable handling of the device

5. The reverse thread design,makes the insertion smooth,and prevents the undesired movement and operation.

6. The fin type design makes insertion smooth


Specifications & Models:

Set package1 VT5-100 5mm Trocarx2 103
VT8-100 10mm Trocarx2 103
V12-100 12mm Trocarx2 103
Set package2 V19-100 5mm Trocarx2+10mm Trocarx1 103
VT25-100 5mm Trocarx1+10mm Trocarx2 103
VT28-100 5mm Trocarxl+12mm Trocarx2 103
Set package3 VT40-100 5mm Trocarx2+10mm Trocarx2 103
VT43-100 5mm Trocarx2+12mm Trocarx2 103
VT46-100 5mm Trocarx2+10mm Trocarx1+12mm Trocarx1 103
Set package4 VT60-100 5mm Trocarx2+10mm Trocarx2+12mm Trocarx1 103
VT61-100 5mm Trocarx2+10mm Trocarx1+12mm Trocarx2 103
Individual WZDT-A-3/55 3mm Trocarx1 55
WZDT-A-5/100 5mm Trocarx1 103
WZDT-A-10/100 10mm Trocarx1 103
WZDT-A-12/100 12mm Trocarx1 103
WZDT-A-15/100 15mm Trocarx1 103

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