Disposable skin stapler




Disposable skin stapler mainly consists of shell, spring sheet, firing handle, press spring, spring, push nail sheet, nail bin, staple, forming plate and push nail plate. The nail puller is composed of handle, pin, needle plate and pressing nail plate.

Tolerance  L1  Tolerance  Tolerance  Tolerance
WZDSS-A-15N 149 ±3 12 ±0.2 3.2 ±0.1 0.6 ±0.1
WZDSS-A-15W 149 13.8 3.5
WZDSS-A-25N  149 12 3.2
WZDSS-A-25W  149 13.8 3.5
WZDSS-A-35N  149 12 3.2
WZDSS-A-35W  149 13.8 3.5
WZDSS-A-45N  149 12 3.2
WZDSS-A-45W 149 13.8 3.5

Scope of application
It is used for suturing surface skin suture of wounds or surgical incision.

Our Advantages
The operation is simple and convenient, reducing the operation workload of medical staff
The incision scar after operation is light and thin, with beautiful appearance
Fast suture can reduce the pain of patients and improve the operation efficiency.

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