CPAP/BIPAP Masks - Non-Vented full face mask FMI - full size

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Non-vented Full face mask

Ease Fit FMI-NV

Product Advantages:

1. Forehead stepless knob

  • Independent innovation;
  • Stepless knob design to fit forehead easily;
  • Perfectly suit individual facial contour.

2. DoubIe cushions

  • Medical liquid silicon;
  • A comfortable seal is achieved by dual-wall design;
  • Easy to clean and reassemble;

3. Adjustable height

  • 2 levels of height are available.

4. Safety vaIve

  • Anti-asphyxia safe design;
  • Ensure greater sense of safety;

5. Arc-buckIe

  • Curve buckle structure enables flexible rotation;
  • Easy to attach, easy to adjust;

6.  Elbow type 1

  • Flexible rotation 360°
  • For common tube (single limb)

7. Elbow type 2

  • Flexible rotation 360°
  • For professional medical breathing

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