COMEN Specialized Transport Patient Monitor C30




Specialized monitoring for various challenging environments

Strong, stable, waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall and shockproof
Small and lightweight, easy to carry
Equipped with a specialized bag for first aid monitoring, including an accessory management bag and a first aid equipment storage bag
Suitable for emergency scene, out-of-hospital transport, intra-hospital transport, bedside monitoring in the emergency department

Stand-alone as a transport monitor

Connected to C70 and C90 as a plug-in module to achieve the integrated management of monitoring information for patient admission and discharge


Actively engaged in public health

Liaoning aircraft carrier, Formula One racing, G20 Hangzhou Summit, Hunan counter-terrorism forces, air rescue drill held on western theater command and other projects selected Comen C30 special monitor for first aid transport as rescue equipment.




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