COMEN Semi-modular Patient Monitor NC8/10/12




We believe that a lighter and more delicate monitor should not only look good, but also be more practical, and that a good design should be a combination of function and beauty.

For this reason, we reinvented the monitor from the inside out.


Internal and external excellence - internal
ASIC Chip, Comprehensive Care
In hardware configuration, we feature comprehensive "core" care, using ADI's integrated analog front-end (ASIC) chip instead of traditional components, which is specifically designed for monitoring and diagnostic ECG measurements.


Flexible modular design with
comprehensive monitoring options

The NC series semi-modular monitors provide you with the most commonly used parameters, including ECG, NIBP, SpO2, RESP and dual TEMP. And the semi-modular structure can be added with high-end monitoring parameter modules, allowing flexible use of patient monitor to meet clinical needs.

The parameter module is plug-and-play and can be plugged and unplugged with one hand. Equipped with a variety of intuitive monitoring interfaces to serve different monitoring purposes

After hundreds of verifications by our R&D personnel, the keyboard is innovatively designed on the right side of the screen, which is suitable for right-hand operation. Fixed handle design gives medical personnel a secure feeling when lifting and can reduce the overall space of the device.

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