COMEN CM1200 12-channel Electrocardiograph




Multifunctional design
The CM1200 is equipped with a 12.1-inch folding true-color LCD screen, allowing you to view from multiple angles. The touch screen allows you to easily control and input information. Multi-language option, compatible with paper of various sizes Information solutions for paperless reporting and remote diagnosis


Cali-Rec intelligent print correction system prevents skewed or crooked printouts and paper jam.
High definition printouts Folded, rolled and A4 thermal paper in 210mm and 216mm sizes.

Electrocardiogram information solutions
Support connecting ECG workstation. Support HL7 protocol, HIS system, PACS system, and can be connected to the hospital network system, allowing clinicians to see the patient's ECG waveform and diagnostic results from the system directly. Paperless reports available.

Trolley plan
High-end trolley can be equipped, which is convenient for moving the ECG machine around, saving the energy of nurses and protecting the safety of the equipment.

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