COMEN C21/C22 Specialized Fetal & Maternal Monitor




FetExterior design, going further The whole machine looks smooth and compact with U shape, which also makes it more beautiful in one go. Damping axis and magnetic flip touch screen The structure is designed with a damping axis to overcome the instability of the old touch operation,while the magnetic design allows the screen and the main unit to fit perfectly.

Flip touch screen 12.12.1-inch LED backlit touch screen, 0-0-90° tilt angle adjustable, convenient for multi-angle observation. Probe automatic identification The main unit, with identical jacks, can be freely connected with the fetal monitoring probe, which could be identified by the main unit automatically to prevent maloperation and improve clinical efficiency.

Probe bracket The machine structure is improved. The probe bracket is located on the right side of the machine, which is convenient for the integrated management of accessories.

Advanced FHR detection technology Improves the accuracy of FHR (fetal heart rate) measurement, allowing clinicians to make accurate diagnosis and treatment, and ease the mind of the pregnant

The 12-chip wide beam ultrasound fetal heart probe is sensitive, which makes it easier for doctors to find the best fetal heart position and collect more accurate monitoring data.

SNEC Smart Interference Signal Identification technology

Maternal &Fetal Heart Rate Simultaneous Printing Technology

Cross-Channel Identification Technology

Real-time fetal heartbeat signal quality indication


Efficient printing in one step
Built-in 150mm wide line thermal printer
Cali-Rec Smart Print Calibration
External USB printer
Support printing reports in graphic format.
Convenient for teaching and remote diagnosis


Innovate without stopping
Sliding screen operation technology: For the first time in the field of monitoring, sliding screen operation technology is introduced, making it easier to switch between interfaces.
Three-dimensional touch experience: when clicking the menu, the buttons present three-dimensional simulation effect, providing user-friendly touch experience
Adaptive interface layout
Smart screensaver functions such as auto standby, event wake up, timed shutdown, etc.

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