CELNOVTE CNT360-M1 full-automatic IHC&ISH stainer




The one-stop solution for complete IHC&ISH workflow. CNT 360 full-automatic IHC&ISH stainer is a powerhouse that performs multiple immunostaining protocols in a single platform, with outstanding fast turnaround time and high-throughput. Ready-to-use reagent kits and protocols are also supplied to ensure optimal staining results.

  • CNT360-M1 Robot design

    M1: 2 main robot arms, 4 bulk liquid trains

  • Temperature control

    The reagent chamber is maintained between 14~ 18Cº

    The slide chamber is maintained between 25 ~ 30º for incubation, slides can be heated up to 100º for antigen retrieval

  • Dispense volume

    Dispense volume can be adjusted between 100ul, 120ul, or 150ul for optimal staining results.

  • Reagent container capacity: 7ml and 30ml

  • Number of reagent container spots 70 for M1

  • Bulk liquid container

    4L X 6

    Waste containers 

    Non-hazardous, 4L X 3

    harzardous, 4L X 1

  • Slide Capacity

    M1: 4 trays, 60 slides

  • Turnaround Time : 2.5hrs

  • Touch pads for daily operations, Detachable, remote control allowed

  • Slide incubation chamber,

    15 slides per tray,

    4 trays per device,

    60 slides per run

  • Bulk liquid containers, 4L capacity, easily detachable

  • 2 main robot arms for streamlined workflow

    Bulk liquid trains on each slide tray,

    greatly reduce turnaround time

  • Motor-driven reagent chamber

    70 reagent containers distributed among 5 motor driven reagent trays can separately slide out with one screen-touch.

  • Instrument Features


    Baking, deparaffinization, antigen retrieval, blocking, detection, counterstain,  for IHC, Multiplex IHC and ISH applications.

    Intuitive software interface

    Visual monitoring of reagent volume, running time, fault message.

    Waste Separation

    Non-toxic deparaffiniation solution. Separate waste containers for hazardous waste (DAB waste) and non-hazardous waste. Help labs save both time and money spent on waste disposal.




    Temperature Control

    Constant temperature control for both slide chamber and reagent chamber

    Flexibility in slides and reagent placement

    Allow loading and unloading of reagent and slides during protocol runs

    Allow multiple protocols to run simultaneously


    Support IHC、 ISH、mIHC、ICC protocols


    M1: 60 slides per run

    Fast turnaround time

    2.5 hrs turnaround time, powered by robotic arms and bulk liquid trains,


    Detachable touch-pads with remote control capability

Product Parameters

  • Environmental requirements

          Operating temperature

           5Cº ~ 35Cº (41F ~ 95F)


  • Maximum heating energy output



  • Dimensions (L x W x H):1370mm x 820mm x 1600mm
  • Weight: 400KG (M1)
  • Electrical parameters

          Voltage and Mains frequency

          AC 110V/60Hz or AC 220V/50Hz

          Power consumption


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