CELNOVTE CNT300 Automatic Immunohistochemistry Stainer




Celnovte TM Full Automatic  Immunohistochemistry Stainer
CNT 300 can support continuous on-board operation, three independent slider frames and 30 slider frames are loaded at the same time. The slider frames can be continuously replaced. After the completion of one batch, the next batch of experiments can be carried out immediately and various IHC stain experiments can be arranged randomly.


Full Automatic System: A full flow automatic system of IHC includes the experiment protocol of slice drying, deparaffination, antigen retrieval, peroxidase block, primary antibody, second antibody, DAB chromogen and counterstain with hematoxylin. To extremely improve the level of laboratory standardization and work efficiency.

Whole Process Monitoring: To Monitor the whole stain process (including stain dose level detection, adding time, abnormal behavior, etc.)

Green Designing: The dewaxing solution is environmentally friendly and harmless liquid. Except for DAB, all the other ones are non-toxic and environmentally friendly liquid, and the humanized design of treating hazardous waste liquid and harmless waste liquid separately reduces the cost of treating hazardous waste liquid.

Quantities of Slides Loading: Three independent slide frames; each containing ten slides; continuous loading.

Stain Procedure: 2.5 hours to 4 hours.

Operation Temperature: 30 independent heating platforms; each containing 10 slides; continuous loading.

Reagent Handling Volume: Precise positioning and sample adding. The amount of antibody volume can be adjusted to 80UL or 120ul to grantee the stain quality.

Reagent Adding Principle: Unique dynamic mixing DMT and dynamic cleaning DST patent technology; outstanding uniform of reagent coverage; excellent staining quality

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