BYOND Ventilator Resplus B-25T

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3.5‘ colorful LCD screen

provide vivid information in one page and more legibility;

User interface design to enable easier operation and fast-setup.

 real-time data monitoring

Effective therapy is ensured by displaying important parameters in real time, like pressure, flow volume, etc.


Lower dB

Less noise achieved by high-quality turbine and silent air vent.

Heating Humidifier

5 temperature levels for humidifier are available.

Designed to prevent back flow and be detachable to clean easily.

Separable design for host and humidifier

Flexible choices for therapy place are allowed by separable design.

Pressure relief technology

Reduce the pressure when exhale is happening to maximize your comfort during the therapy.

air leakage compensation

Accurately detect the air leakage and timely respond to it.

pressure compensation

Automatically suit to different pressure situations.

accurate identification

Apply innovative algorithm and imported sensor to identify various respiratory events precisely; make quick response to corresponding event, too.

auto-adjusting pressure

Automatically adjust the pressure to optimal level in accordance with relative respiratory events;

pressure titration

Recommend the best suitable therapeutic pressure in consistent with patient’s actual needs.

A variety of alerts

Safer use is ensured by alerts, including power failure, air leakage, humifailure, ect.


Isens and Esens are automatically adopted to individual’s treatment.

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