BYOND Ventilator/Bipap BY-Dreamy-B19

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Work mode: CPAP, S, T, S/T


3.5‘ colorful LCD screen

provide vivid information in one page and more legibility;

User interface design to enable fast-setup.

 real-time data monitoring

Effective therapy is ensured by displaying important parameters in real time, like pressure, flow volume, etc.

mater core-technology

Imported Swiss pressure sensor cooperates with innovative algorithm to fulfill greater sensibility.

one-touch rotary button

Rotate one key to complete easier operations.

 Lower dB

Less noise achieved by high-quality turbine and silent air vent.

Heating Humidifier

5 temperature levels for humidifier are available.

Designed to prevent back flow and be detachable to clean easily.

Separable design for host and humidifier

Flexible choices for therapy place are allowed by separable design.

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