BYOND Erch 3 Sunfusion syringe pump




LCD touch screen;
wifi function;
ID3 software monitoring function;
PI3 workstation;
9 intelligent working modes:
Simple Mode, VOL/T mode, VOL/W mode/ Sequential Mode/ Micro Mode/ Intermittent Mode/ Ramp Up/Down Mode/ TIVA mode/First Dose Mode.
Applicable syringe size: 2ml/5ml/10ml/20ml/50/60ml;
Multiple lanuage customized;
Dual CPU control system;
Visual and audiable alarm syestem;
Self-testing system;
Bolus, purge, anti-bolus, KVO;
System self-test;
Human voice alarm;
Hisotry record cassette;
High IP level: IP24;
CE and ISO 13485 certificated

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