Biolight V6 Vital Sign Monitor




The whole design is light and flexible, simple operation, suitable for outpatient, emergency room, physical examination department and other departments
Suitable for adult, pediatric, neonatal full-time patients with vital signs monitoring
7-inch high-performance TFT color display, optional touch screen
With outpatient mode and monitoring mode two modes of operation to meet the multi-patient rapid physical examination and continuous monitoring of a single patient
Monitoring of blood oxygen, pulse, noninvasive blood pressure, optional rapid temperature monitoring and end-expiratory carbon dioxide monitoring, the flexibility of the parameters to meet a variety of clinical applications
Body temperature using infrared ear temperature monitoring method, measurement speed, user-friendly quick rounds to use, and the body temperature module with automatic temperature compensation function, accurate measurement
With pulse modulation tone, nurse call system
Optional built-in thermal dual-channel recorder, the channel to be printed waveform can be arbitrarily selected
Built-in pluggable lithium battery, long power supply to meet the use of ambulances and ambulances
Can support USB bar code scanner, can quickly enter the patient information

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