Biolight E65 12 Channel ECG Machine




 8-inch color widescreen LCD monitor, 12-channel synchronous display with the screen;
Using the computer keyboard input and full-screen touch operation design;
Using 24-bit high-precision synchronous data acquisition, with low noise, high dynamic range, wide frequency response characteristics;
The use of excellent performance of the linear phase of the all-digital filter, high-fidelity waveform output;
The use of innovative fast baseline correction algorithm, can be stable within 1-3s baseline;
  ECG automatic analysis system through ECE CSE ECG database test;
The use of high-definition low-noise thermal recorder, put the stack paper automatic positioning function, without human intervention;

Built-in high-energy lithium battery, can print 500 copies of ECG data;
Hidden portable handle design, mobile, easy to carry;
Using high-precision data storage, support for internal Flash, large-capacity U disk, SD card storage;
Support manual, automatic, rhythm, R-R, off five recording modes, Minnesota code diagnostic information output;
Support ECG waveform freeze and automatic playback;
Support external USB printer, bar code scanner;
Support networking, support PDF, Dicom (optional), FDA-XML (optional) format output.

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