Biolight A5 Modular Patient Monitor




12 inch color LCD screen, multi-channel waveform display

Comes with the worlds leading multi-parameter measurement module with a display EMS

Powerful host, humanized engineering design look

Up to more than 20 kinds of monitoring parameters, any combination of various modules

At any time to expand the upgrade, reduce replacement costs

Provide a variety of input methods, the cumbersome operation procedures greatly simplified 

Fanless design, dust-free, low power consumption, improve equipment life

Rotate button operation, optional full-screen touch, easy to operate, support the mouse, keyboard operation

Independent of the physiological and technical double warning lights, information tips more timely

Built-in removable rechargeable lithium battery, lightweight, more environmentally friendly energy

Unique luminous buttons for easy night operation

External SD memory card, the patient history data for effective storage

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