Bioevopeak SP-MUV8000T UV VIS Spectrophotometer Double Beam




UV VIS Spectrophotometer

1. Dual optical path, dual beam optical system, dual detector, using high performance imported 
grating, lower stray light, stronger stability, reliability, more accurate analysis
2. Equipped with  10 touch screen, built-in 32G memory, support Bluetooth connection network
3. Powerful data analysis function, internal computer of the host, can input calibration curve, can 
independently complete photometric measurement, quantitative measurement, spectral scanning, 
dynamics, DNA/ protein testing, multi-wavelength testing and data printing functions
4. Adopt the optical system suspension design, the whole optical path is independently fixed on 
the 16mm thick aluminum deformation-free base, the deformation of the bottom plate and the 
vibration of the outside have no impact on the optical system, thus greatly improving the stability and reliability of the instrument
5. With powerful storage function, the instrument can be directly connected to the printer for A4 format data and graph printing
6. With automatic startup verification and system positioning functions, to repair the deviation 
caused by long-term application
7. Data can be exported to U disk

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