Bioevopeak SP-LUV759 UV VIS Spectrophotometer, Single Beam





The instrument has the features like delicate structure, high performance specification, long-life light source, various convenient functions and etc. They could make the qualitative and quantitative test in material research, pharmaceutical analysis, Biochemical and clinical examination, analysis of water quality control, food inspection and the other fields.

Main Features:
1. Long-life Light Source: dramatically reduce the cost of light source replacement and the frequency of maintenance.
2. Low Stray Light: ensure the stray light lower than 0.05% to meet clients’ need when they want to test high absorbance sample.
3. High Wavelength Accuracy: ensure the accuracy and long-term stability.
4. Wide Wavelength Range: meet the needs of most spectrophotometric test.
5. High-speed Scanning: help user to capture the instantaneous spectrum change of sample and improve the work efficiency.
6. Auto-matching Function of Cuvettes: decrease the deviation occurred by the difference of cuvettes when process quantity measurement.
7. High Photometric Accuracy: ensure that the measurement of optical light path to meet the design requirements, improve process efficiency of the Assembly to achieve high precision photometry testing index.
8. Flash disk storage: make it easy for user to manage data in the format like Excel and etc.
9. USB ports: User needn’t set any parameter to enable online communication while the RS232 serial port have to set it.
10. Various offline quantitative measurement function: Electronic System use 32 bits ARM core processor system, equipped with 128*64 big screen LCD, offline quantitative measurement could do multi wavelength test, Standard curve fitting and measurement, standard coefficient equation input, save and load standard equation, data storage and printing, quantitative measurement of concentration.
11. Powerful Software Function: Software could achieve spectrum scanning, time scanning, dynamic scanning, quantitative measurement, multi-wavelength analysis and formula calculation, spectrum processing, find peak and valley, print data, DNA/RNA test, instrument calibration, performance verification and etc. to meet different needs in various analysis fields.

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