Bioevopeak SP-LIF450 NIR Spectrophotometer




NIR Spectrophotometer

1. Simple operation, no sample pre-treatment, no sample destruction.
2. 900nm-2500nm ultra-wide spectral range, fast analysis speed. Multiple component indicators can be detected simultaneously within 1 minute, such as moisture, fat, protein, and amino acids.
3. The core main parts are all international well-known brands.
4. Built-in high-quality PTFE reference module and polystyrene wavelength standard film, automatic reference correction and wavelength monitoring, to ensure accurate and stable measurement results.
5. Equipped with integrating sphere diffuse reflection system, large sampling spot and sample rotating table to ensure the reproduction effect of uneven samples.
6. Good model transfer can be carried out between multiple instruments. Each instrument is calibrated, identified and verified in strict accordance with industry recommendations. All tests use NIST traceable standards.
7. A variety of sample cups and accessories can be selected to meet the test of particles, powders, liquids and films.
8. The instrument monitors the environmental temperature and humidity in real time and stores it in the spectrum file, which is convenient for users to consult and optimize the measurement conditions.
9. Simple operation, intuitive user interface, and the authority management function can meet the needs of different occasions.
10. Combined with China Agricultural University’s Near Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis Software (CAUNIRS), an authoritative professional NIR quantitative and qualitative analysis model can be established.
Compact instrument structure and open working platform, easy for cleaning.

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