Bioevopeak LWP-F3 Series Touch Color Screen Ultra-pure Water Purifier




1. Colored touched screen, humanized operation interface make users completely monitor controller’s working status and real-time data.
2. ABS engineering plastic case, powder coating technology, with water quality and quantity upgrading function, self-priming door.
3. Type U Korean quick-insert filters, used imported filtering materials.
4. Upgraded self-cleaning filter which with design of built-in 10’’ 10μm stainless steel filter mesh and silicone soft scraping, it can clean anytime, perfectly replace PP cotton filter, no need exchange.
5. Long-acting KDF filter whose adsorption efficiency and lifetime are more than 10times as equal quantity activated carbon filter’s, this avoid frequent filter replacement.
6. Imported UF ultra filtration column ensure meet request for removing pyrogen and RNA.
7. Built-in pressure tank which has inner pouch whose material is anti-bacteria and it is transparent, the inner pouch can be changed anytime.
8. Inbuilt feed water pressure test gauge to real time monitor tap water pressure and filters blocking.
9. Lifetime of PP cotton, activated carbon filter, RO membrane and ultra purification columns can be set to display the elapsed&rest time of consumables. Automatic reminder for filter replacement to avoid water quality decreasing.
10. Feed water, RO and UP water three ways water quality sensor and five ways switches signal are accessed integrated, with functions of timing quantitative water taking.
11. Equipped with USB Host interface, it supports data export function of historical alarm record and historical water intake record.
12. Low-voltage 24VDC is used as the main power supply, which meets the safety regulations and meets the requirements of humid environment, and will not cause personal injury.
13. Can be with inner circulation system to ensure water quality keep at the highest level. ( optional)

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