Bioevopeak ICB-B Series Biochemical Cooling Incubator




1.Mirror stainless steel working room. The four corners are in semi-circular arc transition, which is easy to clean; And the shelf spacing is adjustable.
2.Microcomputer control system, large-screen LCD display, with functions of time setting, parameter memory, and call recovery.
3.The brand compressor has fluorine-free refrigeration and breeze circulation.
4.There is a φ52mm test hole on the left side of the box, which is convenient for temperature measurement. The equipment in the working room is connected with the standard power socket outside the box.
5.Double-sealed door structure. The inner door is sealed with high-quality tempered glass and silicone strips. The outer door adopts magnetic rubber strips, which is easy to open and close and has good sealing performance. The working room is equipped with lighting for easy observation.

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