Animal Anesthesia Machine TA40V




Features of Vaporizer:

1. Outer loop vaporizer: The efficiency of the vaporizer in the loop is lower, because the repeated flow of breathing air through the vaporizer will cause a higher concentration than the last time.

2. Large-angle dial

3. Easy to operate

4. Novel and high-end appearance


Breathing Circuit:

1. Breathing diaphragm: The breathing diaphragm adopts a unique design and precise mold processing to ensure the accuracy of the product, so that the leakage of the inhalation diaphragm and the exhalation diaphragm is less than 5ML/MIN, ensuring that the animal can breathe clean oxygen.

2. CO2 absorbent canister: The uniformly arranged multi-hole air inlet makes the calcium lime and carbon dioxide contact in multiple dimensions, fully absorbs it, improves the use rate of calcium lime, and reduces the cost of use.

3. Large color pressure gauge dial: With large color pressure gauge dial, the pressure indicator is easier to read.

4. Breathing circuit: It adopts double-pipe breathing circuit, which significantly reduces the airway resistance, allow the animal breath more smoothly, and easily spot the the leakage. The joint adopts a soft hose to ensure excellent air tightness.

5. One key switch: It adds one-key switch to operate between the rebreathing and non-rebreathing circuit which enable the doctors operate it more easily and conveniently.  


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