mindrayanimal ePM 12M Vet Veterinary modular monitor






Smart & Simple

The ePM 12M Vet provides doctors and nurses with smart applications and richer intraoperative information, making monitoring more convenient, and supporting surgery more efficiently.

Smart lead-switch & Visible alarm
  • Automatically switches to an available lead if the mainECG lead detaches, ensuring continuous monitoring
  • One click confirms which lead is detached, increasing troubleshooting efficiency
Target reference range display
  • Target range dashboard for key parameters helps focus on key parameters during surgery
  • Customizable target ranges and customizable key parameter selection
Customized configuration
  • Memory for up to 25 customized configurations. Identifiable configurations with different alarm limit settings for different species or patients
  • Supports one-click USB drive loading, avoiding repeated manual changes of configuration
Reliable Quality

The ePM 12M Vet comes equipped with a high-quality shell and accessories. They are safe, durable, and built to last.

High-quality shell materials

The ePM Vet line has been proven to withstand 49 types of cleaners and disinfectants, with no surface degradation or compromise.

No-fan design
  • Keeps fur out of equipment
  • Reduces cross-contamination, protecting the health of patients and staf
  • No internal dust, extending the life of the monitor
Professional animal-accessories
  • Better fit the animal skin, more stable contact
  • Match for multiple animal size, reduce harm to animals
  • Thousands of times bending test, guaranteed to be reliable and durable for the accessories

*For ePM series veterinary monitor North American version: Mindray supports Masimo SpO2 technology. Please contact Masimo directly to purchase accessories. For more information please visit “https://www.masimo.com/

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