mindray Ventilator SV800/SV600 Ventilator




All Intelligence Leads to Ease

A high-end ventilator featured with 1080P HD wide screen, combines an intuitive customized UI with powerful assistive tools and modules.


Operate with Ease
In the modern busy clinical environment, ease of use is a fundamental requirement for all medical devices. With this in mind, the new SV800/SV600 ventilators enable clinicians to set and deliver ventilation therapies quickly and easily via the intelligent ergonomic design and flat user interface.
PulmoSight TM

Intelligent Decision Making
Ventilation modes and decision-supporting tools like SBT are developed on the basis of clinical needs and professional guidelines to help free up medical personnel’s time on device operation and focus more on their patients.
Extensive ventilation therapy and decision support tools
Smart ventilation solution: AMV TM + IntelliCycle TM
Emergency solution: CPRV TM
Sequential treatment regimen: Non-invasive ventilation & high flow oxygen therapy
Dual channel auxiliary pressure measurements
Lung protection kit
Expandable Capabilities
Securing your devices future is reliant on being able to expand your devices capabilities by interacting or integrating new features and technologies. The SV800/SV600 ventilators allow just this. Thanks to latest software and platform it is utilizing, your device is ready to embrace new technological advancement with ease.
Integrated neonatal module with tidal volume setting down to 2ml
Plug & Play modules , including SpO₂, mainstream or sidestream CO₂
Backup air supply in case of central air supply failure and during intra-hospital transport
Seamlessly connected to the hospitals clinical information system via the Mindray BeneLink and eGateway modules, or directly via the HL7

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