mindray Surgical Lights HyLED 600 Series




Day surgery, which does not require an overnight hospital stay has become more and more popular with the increasing maturity of noninvasive surgical techniques.

Designed for day/minor surgery, HyLED 600 provides high quality illumination, with better tissue differentiation and natural color.

• 130,000 lux illuminance designed for day/minor surgery
• Better tissue differentiation with color rendering index(Ra & R9)at 96
• Ambient mode through separate control key
• Five-year warranty for LED bulb
HyLED 600M
Mobile LED Surgical Light

HyLED 600M offers a surgical light solution for emergency OR and minor surgery:


Maximum Flexibility

With the ultra-agile mobile base, four castors locking system and ergonomic handle design, HyLED 600M goes where you need with excellent performance.


Long-lasting Battery

Power module supply can support up to 10 hours (normal state).

Flexible and Simple Handling

The following functions can be operated from the control panel in the light head:


  • On/off switching
  • Ambient mode
  • 10-step brightness control

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