mindray Operating Table HyBase V8




Instantly adapt to all the versatility to provide the highest level of care
An extreme load capacity of up to 460kg.
The longitudinal shift of up to 350mm, free access to C-arm.
595mm lowest table position for neurosurgery, 1,095mm highest table position for orthopedics.
Intelligent Collision Protection System to stop the table movement before collision occurs.
18 electric movements, such as powered body elevator, powered leg plates and E-drive function, adapting to various surgical needs.
Bluetooth hand control for unobstructed control in operating rooms.

Flexibility for multiple disciplines

Meet the needs of different surgical positions 



Various positions
The modular design of the tabletop is tailored for various surgical discipline needs, which can also lower the cost for hospitals as they only need to buy the specific module, instead of a new table, for an additional surgical type.

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