Mindray Full HD touch screen Patient Monitor BeneVision N22 | N19




Full HD touch screen Patient Monitor BeneVision N22 | N19Key Features

Full HD touch screen: 19inch (N19) or 22inch (N22)
Contemporary User Interface with Gesture Control and single-level menu structure
Consistent navigation across the range minimises the learning curve
Powerful integrated iView module (optional) gives instant access to network Clinical Tools, such as PACS
Extensive range of parameter modules for true flexibility and scalability
On-screen guides to assist rapid set-up and help with locating possible cable disconnections
Clinical Assistive Applications such as HemoSight TM and SepsisSight reduce time away from the patient and assist in complex diagnoses
Rotatable display presents up to 16 traces in Portrait mode and 13 traces in Landscape mode
Up to 120 hours Trend data review, 1000 events, 20 12-lead ECG sets and up to 48 hours Full Disclosure
Fully compatible with BeneView T1 and BeneView parameter modules
User programmable configurations
Integral rechargeable battery for up to 1 hour support
Wired and wireless communications to Central Stations and beyond

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